Bulgaria-Austria: Important call for workers‘ solidarity!

The Bulgarian union „Independent Workers Association“ has called for the support of the struggle against the closure of MAM Steyr (Upper Austria). This important sign of solidarity between the workers was joyfully welcomed by colleagues in Austria, which are struggling for the preservation of MAN in Steyr since October 2020, and thus for the backup of 6000 jobs.

In their call they write: „We support the just struggle of the Austrian workers in Steyr, for the preservation of their jobs and their social status and the responsibility of large companies.“ Especially in times of enormous mass unemployment, the struggle against the closure of MAN Steyr gains great importance, because it are the capitalists who now want to further enrich themselves on the back of thousands of workers, their families and the entire region. MAN Steyr (belonging to VW) did not make any losses, but wants to move into the more „profitable“ foreign abroad, as the labor force is cheaper there. In this attempt to play the workers of different countries against each other and press wages, the solidarity and the common struggle of colleagues from Bulgaria and Austria exactly is the right answer!

No closing of Man Steyr!

No to the cutback of thousands of jobs!

Long live the solidarity of the workers!

International Workers Aid

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